Shock and Awe

so remember a hot second ago when i shared the news of BBN2 with all y’all and assured you that just like last time, we wouldn’t be finding out in advance if the babe was going to be a boy or a girl.  well…we changed our minds.  let’s just call it parental perogative.  here’s how it went down…

basically from the moment i typed those faithful words, i’ve been itching to know.  it’s crazy because with EBN we didn’t even consider finding out and it didn’t bug me one bit.  but this time i just felt like life would be way more organized if i knew what was on its way.  as many of you know EBN has a ton of clothes (i’m talking 6+ large storage bins at this point) and while i’d hang on to them for a baby girl, i’d get rid of the majority super quickly if BBN2 had little boy parts.  obviously this could be done post-delivery, but wouldn’t it be easier to get it done…now?  and there was EBN who was certain-er than certain that the baby growing in her mama’s belly was a baby boy and than there was her mama who was almost as certain that BBN2 was bound to be a girl (i was pretty rough on my parents as a teen and rationalized that the appropriate payback would be two teenage girls who hated me…because that’s the way the world usually works).  regardless of the reasons, i went back and forth (and whined) quite a bit until ABN rationally said, “you know, we could just find out.”  sold.

so you wanna know?

while my brother rationalized that the chances was 50/50 either way, i’m still pretty shocked to share that EBN was right all along!  BBN2 is all boy (oddly, the response from many has been – awesome, now you’re done!  just to be clear – the shop was going to closed either way).  BBN2 seemed to understand that mama just needed to know because as soon as the tech put her probe on big ol’ belly he showed himself off in ALL his glory.  as if that wasn’t enough he then repeatedly pointed out his goods.

i’m pretty sure this officially means that each and every part of this pregnancy is different from the last time around: no hawaii. different doctor.  different hospital.  different cravings (as i just stuffed my face with a  handful of wasabi peas…what?!?).  and now, a boy.  let the good times roll.


2 thoughts on “Shock and Awe

  1. Ahhh!!! Congrats! And just wait…..boys are a journey that is just as bizarre as it is amazing. Though I’m told that they are easier in teenage hood, and am lucky that his sister’s sweetness has rubbed off on him, the things that he does –on the daily!—baffle my mind like no other. Get ready mama….


  2. Just as long as he is half as cute as EBN (and preferably with red curls like his big sister), I’m good. Babies in little men clothes (corduroys and button down sweaters?) are my FAVORITE.


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