Dig, Dream, Drool

i think we’re all in trouble with this one.

moving on…

i’m so far behind in my blog reading but i’ve got quite the list of links already collected for this week – this post could quickly become overwhelming and we clearly don’t want that.  so for now…check out these things i’m digging, dreaming of and drooling over:

my love for FNLs knows no bounds – except went it comes to JULIE TAYLOR 

at this point i should just dedicate an entire week’s worth of posts to jim and pam

and also…swoon.

next time ABN heads to the hardware store, i gotta ask him to pick up some washers – these are too cute!

and we’ll be adding these necklaces to our summer projects list as well

been day-dreaming about making a blanket for EBN’s big girl bed (when the time is right of course) and i’m sorta in love with this hexagon pattern

i’m obsessed with like 27 out of these 30 chairs

i’m all over the this idea of a donut cake (i’m also pretty sure it would be my dad’s dream)

speaking of my dad – he’s been planning EBN’s first trip to disney since the day we announced we were pregnant.  but after reading about jen’s recent trip, i sorta want to get in on it!

can i just move in?  thanks.  but especially, i need that dining room table.


feels like ABN and i are way overdue a trip to palm springs

skirt obsessed.

favorite outfit post of the week – for sure.

finally, as i’m sure you are well aware, google reader is going away come july (which is basically tomorrow) and like many of you i’ve been testing out alternatives.  i tried blog lovin’ and while i liked the idea, i couldn’t deal with how slowly it loaded.  a friend recommended feedly and i’ve gotta say, i’m in love.  any change i hard so it took me a couple of weeks to get used to it and to get it working to best fit my needs.  i love that i can use it so easily on my phone, my ipad or my computer – and that i can read my blogs from oldest to newest.  for a really great tutorial check out this post.  even though i’d been using it for a few weeks, i still found the tips really useful!

wishing you all a great long weekend!



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