Dig, Dream, Drool

i love dateline.  if it has to do with murder or abuction, or better yet, both, i am totally there.  and i love me some lester holt.  i dvr it on friday night, every friday night, and find time to watch it during the week.  recently dateline has been 120 minutes, rather than a typical hour, and i love it even more.  ABN totally judges me and wonders how i sleep at night.  i don’t really sleep at night…go figure. i’ve just been feeling like you should know.

moving on…

this living room seems pretty perfect to me.  and the i love my family print is on the very top of my wishlist for my upcoming birthday.

speaking of my upcoming birthday, my gift to myself might just be family photos (no, we have never had any taken).  these photos literally make my uterus ache.

everyone i know is pregnant and while i’m doing homemade gifts this go-round (thank you crochet) i’m pretty much in love with everything on this list (especially those headbands!)

i was a huge accapella groupie in college – this movie was pretty amazing, pretty sure i need to own it.

not gonna lie, pretty excited about the launch of this.

and this might satisfy my need for quiche.

man oh man, i wish i had the guts.

i have got to get on the valentine’s day train or i’m going to have 4 very disappointed grandparents.  how adorable are these?

short and sweet and to the point.  have an excellent weekend and start to your february!



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