Dig, Dream, Drool

i’m ready for the weekend.  i’m on EBN duty on saturday while ABN preps many a latke for our party on sunday.  then we’re headed out for a date in san mateo (do we know how to live it up or what?!).  and then sunday after a good nap i’m pretty sure EBN is going to love her first chankuah party – i mean, what’s better than greasy food and a room full of some of our favorite people?

but before then:

a friend sent me this link and i think it’s pretty perfect – TURNTABLE KITCHEN PAIRINGS – count me in!

i’m in love with these CHAIRS, yellow AND mismatched

we visited THIS WINERY aright around my first mother’s day and it was great, not only that but on a beautiful day, the outdoor tasting room is out of this world

i’m finally watching GIRLS – thank god

i’m in the market for new coffee mugs (and a new coffee maker but that’s another problem for another time).  i’m loving THESE and THESE and THESE and THESE and THESE and THESE (this is a problem).

i’m not sure if i consider myself a blogger as much as someone who has a blog (there’s a difference…right?) but THIS WISHLIST seems pretty right on to me

i just spent 20 minutes updating my PINTEREST STYLE BOARD so that STITCH FIX can better understand my style aspirations . i realize i haven’t done a stitch fix post in a while and i totally owe you one.  it was touch and go for a couple months but my last fix was awesome and i’m feeling re-energized.  hoping that my time on pinterest will lead to a couple of winter style winners!

alright, time to get this post up before it gets even later in the day.  i’m off to put the little one down for a nap and get a bit of work done before i (hopefully) break for the weekend.

wishing you a good one!




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