Dig, Dream, Drool

check out the “pony”

this week has just flown by.  i can’t believe it’s friday.  i feel like i’ve accomplished nothing.  oh, except one thing – ABN and i started a PALEO CHALLENGE.  i know.  we’re nuts – literally.  this is coming from a girl who’s favorite foods are cheese, bread and sour candy – not necessarily in that order.  and in real life, i cook meat less than never.  but last night for dinner – beef and broccoli.  ABN’s coworkers are all over it so we decided to jump on board.  i don’t want to get ahead of myself (it’s only been 4 days) – let’s see how we’re doing at this time next week and if i’m still munching paleo trail mix, i’ll offer an update.

in other news…

have you ever seen a CUTER KIDDO LOOK?  clearly i need to get my butt to the h&m kid’s section, because EBN is in desperate need of more clothes…cough, cough…  

i literally don’t know how parents did it before amazon.  THIS is us.

one reason i love fall: SKIRTS & TIGHTS & SWEATERS & BOOTS

i’m loving JESS’S TODDLER CHORE CHART.  i’m pretty sure i’ll be printing this out, right after EBN’s 2nd birthday

don’t know where i’ve been but i just discovered BOHEMIAN VINTAGE.  the posts contain so much beautiful design.  recent favorites THIS and THIS

i’m obsessed with THIS manicure

i need to throw a party because i need to make THIS FRINGE

dear god, i wish my mornings looked like THIS (and started after the sun came up)


i’d wear it ALL

and finally, can we just talk about THESE ANNIVERSARY SHOTS?  i want to be melissa and brent.  the.end.

this weekend?  i don’t know.  there’s a girl’s mexican food and movie night as well as cooking (gotta prep for next week!) and a bit of crochet.  in addition, i’ve got to catch up on work as i didn’t get nearly enough done this week.

hope yours a good one!



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