progress made on photo wall - unfortunately, while we were out at EBN's swim lesson, our progress fell down. back to square one.

reading: i started LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED on thursday night and i’m just tearing through it.   it is laugh out loud funny (ABN thinks i’m losing my mind, and i might be, but that’s another story).  if you enjoyed TINA FEY and MINDY KALLING’S memoirs than this one is for you.  after spending the last couple of weeks up to my ears in erotica (what?) this is a nice change.  i imagine i’ll be done before the week is through and then on to tackle another one on MY SUMMER READING LIST

watching: maybe i should admit to what i’m not watching – which is…we are not watching MADMEN.  don’t get me wrong, we will watch madmen, after-all, we spent most of 2011 catching up from the very beginning so that we would be ready when this new season kicked off.  we went into it with the very best of intentions – we even watched the first episode the very night it aired!  but alas, real life has gotten in the way and we are now so very far behind.  to make matters worse, when i was on the east coast, my DVR overflowed and a couple of episodes were lost forever.  so now, we must wait.  we’ll wait until the season wraps and then soon, they will be on demand and we will re-enter the cultural ethos.  but for now, i’m depressed…

anticipating: there’s just a lot going on right now and i’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed (big surprise).  i’m ready for things to slow down a bit.  it doesn’t feel like that is going to happen for the forseeable future – we’ve got a jam-packed schedule this summer.  i feel like i’m constantly letting people down because i don’t have time, or can’t make time and at the same time i feel like i have little time for myself too (time…it’s an issue).  on top of it all i have a dentist appointment this afternoon.  i hate going to the dentist.  i’d rather go to the lady parts doctor every day than go to the dentist once every 6 months.  for real.  yuck.

laughing about: i’m thinking we’ve got the next MICHAEL FLATLEY on our hands…

listening to: totally random but, i just created a CAT STEVENS station on pandora and i’m sort of loving it right now.  no doubt, i’ve been feeling a little mragh-y over the last couple of weeks.  it’s not out of control but it’s there for sure (see: anticipating) and i just think this music brings me to a place of stability.  i have such clear memories of sitting in my parent’s bedroom in LA.  it’s late summer and i’m home after a couple of weeks spent at camp.  my parent’s are getting ready for a night out with friends.  my brother is down stairs writing computer programs (at age 6 or so) and i’m flipping through my dad’s record collection amazed that such a treasure trove has existed in my house this entire time.   buffalo springfield, peter, paul and mary, harry chapin, john denver, bob dylan – you get the idea.  maybe not the voices of my generation, but they will forever remind me of sunscreen, s’mores, jeans with holes in the knee and oversized hooded sweatshirts.

eating: THIS is for dinner

what are you  currently up to?  thanks again DANIELLE for spreading such a fabulous idea!

2 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Love the video, what a cutie! She moves so well (and fast!). My 1 year old is still pretty unsteady (started to write “unstable”, she’s that too), but already moves too fast!
    New to your blog, but love it already! Also made me feel better to hear you’re still doing a morning bottle (in the diaper from the night, same here, no judging), bc our dr wanted us to cut out all bottles by 1yr, and I just don’t want to give up those morning snuggles! I justify it by saying “She hasn’t eaten in 12 hours, she must be STARVING”!


    • welcome! so glad you found us. yes, just knowing that other mamas are making the same choices as me makes me feel better. and they sure do move fast – once they start there is just no stopping ’em!


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