Dig, Dream, Drool

with ABN away at a conference (don’t feel bad for him, he’s squeezing in a bachelor party too), that puts this mama on morning hike duty…which apparently includes starbucks – coffee for me, a muffin for THE BUG.  we returned home to make GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIES and color.


i’d say our day is off to a great start.

here’s what else has been keeping me busy:

now that i’m on the last chapter of my book, i’ve got to decide what i’m reading next!  i thought i had settled on THIS after hearing the author interviewed on FRESH AIR, but now, NICOLE has me pretty convinced it’s time to jump on the bandwagon

oh and i need to read THIS…now.  did you all see THIS NEWS?!?!

speaking of books – i’m super excited about DANIELLE’S new series featuring bloggers and the books that they love – i always felt that one of the best ways to  get to know someone is by looking through their bookshelf

ok, one more book thing and then, i swear, i’m done.  check out the BEST ETSY SHOP EVER – i sure did love me some bookfairs when i was growing up.  thanks LAUREN, for sharing!

KATIE wrote a letter to her future-self to remember what it’s really like to be pregnant – i can totally relate (not pregnant, not even thinking about getting pregnant because…well, just read Katie’s post)

i’m drooling over EMILY’S NEW SCRAF – but i’m following my new rules and i’ve starred it and saved it for later

are you going on vacation?  make sure your readers are well taken care of with MARYAM’S HELPFUL TIPS


one of my favorite bloggers has moved to my VERY FAVORITE CITY

and finally, one of my big goals for while ABN is away is to finally finish my photo wall – don’t worry, i won’t nail anything in, but i can lay stuff out so that we are ready to go.  SMILE AND WAVE recently posted some tips that i plan to put to good use – check back soon for photo evidence!

we plan on making the most of this gorgeous weather – after EBN takes a nap…of course🙂

have a great weekend!

xo – LBN

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