Dig, Dream, Drool

my favorite part of passover, i couldn't find them in SF but luckily a friend brought them back from the east coast. best enjoyed right out of the freezer!


after a bit of a passover hiatus, D,D,D is back.  and omg there is so much good stuff out there:

while i don’t typically share viral videos, THIS ONE and THIS ONE were just too good to pass up.  seriously, kirk cameron turned into such an ass.

while we’re on the topic of child celebrities, this list of a PRE-TEEN TOP 5 is pretty right on, as far as i’m concerned.  although, now, looking through the list, a shirtless ANDREW KEEGAN is just a bit creepy.  also, where is DEVON SAWA now…anyone?

looks like i’ve got celebrity on the brain this week (it’s possible that it is because i am SO far behind on my shows, what with all the guests and then work catch-up) but lauren’s post about BEING A CELEBRITY MATCHMAKER is just too brilliant and hysterical to ignore – i think we share a passion.

moving on…

i’m obsessed with this VINTAGE CROCHET BEDSPREAD.  we’re a very long way from tackling this type of project, after all, i just finished my OWL.  but a girl needs big goals, and i think i found one.

did you guys all see the new SOCIAL MEDIA FREEBIES that jess put out this week?  looks like ABN has some blog maitenance to do this weekend🙂

i’m a huge fan of the 36 HOURS SERIES in the nytimes.  we’ve used it to plan many a get-away.  THIS BOOK would make a great gift for anyone who likes to get out of town and explore new places

if a post has the word MORMON in it, i’m most likely going to read it

i would like to eat THIS and THIS – right now

some eye-candy for the last night of PASSOVER

and one friend’s beautiful definition of HOME


our weekend will include – eating some bread, starting a new crochet project, working on a bigger house project and catching up on some mad men.  sounds good to me.

hope the weekend treats you well.



One thought on “Dig, Dream, Drool

  1. hope the weekend was great. my Mom visited, with her dog, & we had a great time entertaining neighbors and their South African houseguests (parents of one neighbor who was born there).  odd fact: i just downloaded “36 hours in Seoul” to take with me Friday! 


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