Dig, Dream, Drool

the above may just be my most perfect dinner – grilled cheese, tomato soup from trader joes and a beer.  it was a long day.  a good day, but a long day.  a good week, but a long week.  i’m sorta thrilled it is supposed to rain all day saturday.  staying in my pajamas with my little family, sounds like the perfect plan.  along with making more chicken soup – can there ever be enough chicken soup?

but before we get to the weekend, let’s look back on the week:


  •  ALEX’S LIST of how to be a mom in 2012 – pretty much right on!
  • EYE BROW TINTING – i’m a long time tinter and have already promised EBN a mama/daughter dye job in honor of her bat mitzvah
  • one challenge that is true for all mama’s with growing wee ones, is getting the most out of our kiddo’s clothes – BABY BLACK BIRD shared some great tips that i will be putting to use on my next shopping trip



  • peppering my house with more than a few terrariums

like this one:

Source: etsy.com via LBN on Pinterest


or this group:


when EBN is just a tad older i’d like to make a dinosaur terrarium like this:

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest


  • her HAIR – swoon
  • i mean, i can’t stop thinking about IT, can you?


  • wine with hints of BACON FAT – uh, yeah, i’m running to trader joes to pick some up!  would it be wrong to serve this at the passover seder?  let’s discuss…
  • GABI’S APPLE-ONION TARTLETS – these are most likely going to be the first thing i make after passover – assuming i can wait that long
  • SCARY MOMMY shared a recipe for KAHLUA DIP – for some reason this recipe reminds me a lot of college – in the best way possible

fair warning, things may be a little quieter on the blog over the next week than we are used to.  but passover prep has to take top priority.  there’s no turning back…



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