Remember the Time

my sunday sorta felt like 2004.  let me explain.

in 2004 i was totally on top of my shit.  i was living in manhattan.  i walked to work – all 20 blocks – in high heels – because that’s what you did when you lived in manhattan.  i ate at hot restaurants (SUSHI SAMBA) and went to interesting events (concerts in downtown venues with 2 drink minimums).  i watched SEX AND THE CITY the night that aired (was there another option?) with various groups of friends, and i took crazy fun gym classes as that the fanciest gym on the upper west side (anyone remember NIA?).

anyway sunday, i felt a little bit like my old self.  1st, i went for a run.  it’s like the new gym class.  and, i have a new favorite companion – SAVAGE LOVE.  ABN and i have been avid listeners for years but it really is the perfect length to accompany me on a run.  and while i may look even more nutty now, as i giggle my way down the road, it seems to make the time pass more quickly, and who knows, i might even learn something.

then, because i have the best partner in life, ever, ABN watched EBN while i went to see THE HUNGER GAMES.  you guys – for the first time in – FOREVER – i was part of a major pop-culture event.  sure, the old me would have gone to see the midnight viewing on friday but i’m old now and sunday afternoon is really the perfect time (limits the possibility of falling asleep).  it was SO good.  there are a million reviews out there, but here are my thoughts:



  • i loved that it stayed so true to the book – and not in an annoying way.  it didn’t have that scene for scene quality which i sometimes find annoying – like you’re constantly getting ready to turn the page.  rather, it followed the book but flowed like a movie.  does that make sense?
  • casting – the movie was cast so well.  STANLEY TUCCI – a gem!  WOODY HARRELSON – likeable!  LIAM MILEY CYRUS HEMSWORTH – hot!  JENNIFER LAWRENCE – completely believable.  JOSH HUTERSON?  he was – fine.  truthfully, he was better than fine, he just wasn’t the peeta that i pictured.  i always pictured DARREN CRISS (can i get an amen?).

  •  LENNY KRAVITZ – okay, i love me some lenny – always have, always well.  but he wasn’t all – maybe he should stick to singing?  maybe he’ll be better in the sequel…only time will tell.
  • i only peed 3 times.  the movie is 2 1/2 hours…i see this is as a major win
  • it was violent but it wasn’t over the top.  i was expecting much worse – i only found myself hiding behind my scarf during the tracker jacker attack.

it should also be noted that i cried when the showed a preview for TITANIC.  i’m pathetic.

when i got home we loaded the little one into the car and headed out for a family date night.  now that EBN is staying up until 7:30, rather than 6:30 (baby steps), dinner out is a bit more reasonable.  sure, the restaurant was just a neighborhood haunt but the adults enjoyed margaritas and the kiddo enjoyed quite a few brussel sprouts and french fries.

and finally we ended our night (or in truth – will end our night) with the return of MAD MEN.  i can’t remember the last time i watched a television event, the night that it aired.  it’s all so…retro.


One thought on “Remember the Time

  1. i’m so excited that we are on the same page – and obviously not at all surprised🙂 darren would have been a good choice. the movie was great – and josh hutcherson was good – didn’t seem out of place at all – he just wasn’t what i pictured you know?


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