Dig, Dream, Drool

as if i didn't have enough to worry about

it’s thursday night and i’m sitting on my very worn, very stained, very lopsided couch, sipping on a cold beer.  i just realized that there is chicken chili in my hair.  while it wasn’t my dinner, it was EBN’s dinner and now, i must keep this short, because i should really hop in the shower.  it’s been a long day – a good day that included a nap for the little one, some work for me and one of our infamous endless walks.  it’s crazy how these weeks fly by and at the same time blend into each other – often the only thing that marks the end of one week from the start of the next, for me, is when i go to post my latest dig, dream, drool list.  and so, without further ado:



  • i knew BROKE-ASS STUART when he was a scrawny, long-haired teen and we spent summer after summer together at the camp on top of the hill in malibu.  and look at him NOW
  • THIS classic look – can’t wait to recreate it
  • what a fun COLLECTION



  • the return of MAD MEN, so freaking excited for sunday night! – ugh, what i wouldn’t do for one of those FABULOUS DRESSES
  • EBN’s 1st haircut.  we’re literally years away, and i promise that not matter what she will wear black patent-leather shoes and lacy party socks and if i have it my way we’ll be traveling down to LA for a date with MARTIN – in the meantime, i’ll live vicariously through HARPER’S 1ST TRIM – too cute!
  • EBN’s 3rd birthday (what?  we’re basically going to skip #2…she won’t remember it anyway :)).  but when she’s just a bit older a YARN TRAIL would be super fun
  • i can’t believe i was so upset over THIS BREAK-UP (it’s seriously been keeping me up at night)




this weekend will be full of making the matzah balls for our upcoming passover seder, a very special grown-up date night, a family date night too and, fingers-crossed, mama escaping on sunday afternoon for 2 1/2 hours to see the hunger games.  have a wonderful weekend!



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