Dig, Dream, Drool

"this is supposed to keep me out? i had no idea..."

today i’m drooling (literally) because i’m so freaking exhausted, i keep nodding off at my computer.  it’s hurting to keep my eyes open (as i am writing this at 5:45pm on thursday evening – after a latte with an extra shot).  i’m running on fumes – i haven’t gotten more than 3 hours of sleep any night this week and i place full blame on the two other BNs.  ABN is working his jlo booty off – tackling work projects and presenting at a conference which leads to late nights for him which leads to late nights for me.  and little miss has decided that 2 and 3 and 4am are perfectly reasonable times to call for her mama and request (quite adamantly) a bottle.

i’m feeling many, many, many moons older than my 31 years – 31 years….woosh.

wanna know what always makes me feel better?  all the goodies that i find so much inspiration in.  here’s what i’m after this week:

lusting after THIS chevron dress and imaging all the different ways i would wear it

WHAT THE FROCK reminds us all the true origin of MIXING PATTERNS

i’m determined to devote a day to thrifting on my own with no distractions – and i’m taking THIS guide with me

AN APP i do not need😉

loving all the NEW little walkers

made this chicken chili for dinner wednesday night – it took all of five minutes to chop up an onion and throw the ingredients in the slow cooker. the end result was beyond delicious


omg this looks so delicious – do i really have it in me to make this at home?  stay tuned…

Source: ericisaac.com via LBN on Pinterest

what a fun and easy (and time intensive?) craft! i think this (in different colors) would be perfect for EBN’s future big-girl bedroom. gotta start planning now!

Source: Uploaded by user via LBN on Pinterest

and finally, somehow i think i forgot to mention that way back when (for chanukah) ABN gifted me with CROSS-STITCH IPHONE CASE.  it was all kinds of amazing, until i started working on it and realized that cross-stitch is really quite the bitch.    well, i finally finished that sucker…she looks awesome but let’s just if i never cross-stitch another thing for as long as i live, it will be too soon.

impressive, isn’t she?  i’m more protective of my case than my phone!

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