Dig, Dream, Drool

currently digging:

    • BRAIDED VOLUME HAIR courtesy of the paper mama (she’s currently working on my new blog banner and button – very exciting times)
    • DIY BABY BELLBOTTOMS?…i think yes!
    • THIS fantastic list of toddler to-dos…now, where do i find a giant role of contact paper?
    • making mini crocheted animals for EBN and all her new friends (is it just me or are babies popping out everywhere!?!).  i’m in a crochet group as part of my local mama’s group and i’m going a bit nutty – they are just so quick and easy and you know, i have so much spare time…i kid, except it’s not really funny.

like these:




and we all know EBN would freak with delight over these:

Source: supahcute.com via Jill on Pinterest

drooling over:

  • 2 things from MELISSA’S POST – 1. POUND CAKE…yum.  and 2. family cooking traditions!  my dad is going to love baking with EBN
  • SWEET POTATO AND KALE SOUP – we had this for dinner last night and it is as good as the recipe sounds.  i typically steer clear of recipes that require transferring (i used my blender – but note to self: ask for a hand blender for chanukah!) but this was totally worth it


dreaming of:

  • a day when i’ll have time to check out all of the APS FOR TODDLERS that LINDSEY recommends over at the POOP WHISPERER
  • getting my hair cut (one week away!) and THESE beachy waves (although i’m incapable of curling my hair with a straightening iron – i don’t think i have the dexterity required)
  • buying EBN shoes!  you all know about her muno shoes, but did you know i bought her a pair of THESE?  just like mama…

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