Dig, Dream, Drool

i tend to get overwhelmed by all the good that is out there waiting to be tasted, purchased or made…it’s just TOO much.

this week was one of those weeks…make sure you scroll all the way down because i’m saving the very very very best for last!

JEN wrote about THE BOOKS that she loves reading to her daughter rowan – in our house we are all about EAT YOUR PEAS – we read it, on average, a ka-billion times a day (side note: i told ABN we needed to make a video of me reading it to EBN – the way she shrieks with delight and kisses the illustrations is really more than this mama can handle)

i’m literally gaga over this MOLESKIN NOTEBOOK TRANSFORMATION – it’s organization and DIY all in one.  i think i need to set aside a weekend

i freaking love cashew chicken – it’s my go-to at any thai restaurant (i used to always go pad thai – always.  but then i got pregnant and had pad thai and of puked.  because i did that A LOT when i was pregnant.  so now, now more pad thai).  i’m super excited about the idea of making CASHEW CHICKEN AT HOME

my hair is out-of-control long these days.  i’m bound and determined to take advantage of my mop and master the messy bun.  luckily, ILLY came to the rescue sharing a few MESSY BUN TUTORIALS 

i’m going to throw caution to the wind and take part in this FEBRUARY PHOTO CHALLENGE – you should too.  you may have noticed i randomly started posting photos a few days ago.  i’m going to continue to pust some here, but if you aren’t already following me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM (LBNJUSTAYING), now is the time

i’ve never really been a smoothie girl but THESE are making me think it’s time to break out the pink blender


okay, you made it to the end and now you will be rewarded.  i am fully aware that this little video has made it all around the web over the last few days, but that doesn’t take away from the joy it has brought to my life – and will bring to yours.  you should save this for the days that you are feeling like there is no good in the world – this will help:

One thought on “Dig, Dream, Drool

  1. I dream of moleskin leather notebooks. It’s funny you wrote about it cause I have been drooling over these two:


    or the smaller:


    I just feel guilty spending so much on a notebook. I am old fashioned and love writing things down-even in the digital world!


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