Nursery Check! Now on to Mama’s Space…

to start things off – EBN went to bed on night 2 without a peep and she slept until 6:30am.  victory is sweet.  we’ll see what night 3 brings.


remember EBN’s birthday decorations?  they didn’t disappear once we cleaned up the party – instead they found a permanent home in EBN’s nursery.  as i mentioned before, i loved EBN’s nursery in our old apartment.  i put a lot of thought as to how i wanted the room to feel – white walls, bright colors, gender neutral-ish.

ok, the idea was gender neutral until EBN arrived and then we went on pink overload

but somehow, when we moved, the room didn’t feel the same.  instead of feeling eclectic, it felt hectic and thrown together and unfinished.  turns out, all it was missing was a touch of yellow and pink and orange.

this time around we fully embraced our PINK

now that the bedroom is done (although now that i look at the photos, i really want to hang the curtains again) it’s time to move on to my office. the place where i work, write, escape.  here’s what i’m thinking for inspiration:

Source: via LBN on Pinterest


craving a major rug in a major way


thinking it would be easiest to convince ABN that wallpaper would work in my office – from there i can move on to take over the rest of the house MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Source: via LBN on Pinterest


i’ve got the shelves, now i just need to organize them!

goodness i love a pop of yellow like this

Source: via LBN on Pinterest


well isn’t this nice – love a good buck head (although i have plans for one in our hallway and i think one per house is just about enough)

i’ll keep you posted on the re-do. my goal is to be able to cross this off my list by the end of the year and considering it’s already december 6th…well…i best get moving

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