alright friends, if you are reading this it means my alarm went off (or i didn’t trust myself enough to go to sleep) and we made our flight.  in a few short hours (although i’m sure it will feel endless while trapped on the plane with a 26.4 pound toddler on my lap) we will be on the east coast where i hear it is currently just about 60 degrees – so glad i spent so much energy freaking out about the cold.

i’m thinking that when i get back from thanksgiving i might start this training program. i mean the name sorta says it all – it sounds tailor made for me.  and while i can’t imagine myself running – a lot of my favorite people run so it can’t be all bad.  also, i like to think of myself running along the path at the beach.  if ABN can surf, i can run.

you’ll notice i didn’t even think about starting while in westport – after all that would require an extra pair of shoes.

also, i’m feeling like the blogosphere and pinterest are sorta exploding xmas.  don’t get me wrong – i like white lights, egg nog and a carol or two* just like every  other jewish girl – but i think i’m feeling a bit left out.  so many craft projects and baked goodies that i don’t totally get.

Source: bowerpowerblog.com via Kelsi on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Paige on Pinterest


and don’t even get me started on some of the fabulous holiday cards.  i think, in addition to the running (i’m sorry that just sounds too funny), once i come back i will start a weekly post highlighting some of our own jew-y traditions.  of course this will be after EBN makes her first batch of fruitcake this weekend.  i never said we were not a complicated family.  stay tuned…

*i totally just downloaded this album

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