Dig, Dream, Drool

while you’re reading this – i’m away on a mini vacation in north carolina’s outer banks.  we’re shaking up in a huge house with ABN’s closest high school friends.  i promise a full report once we are home but for now, here are just a few findings i wanted you to know about…

first someone thought of selling food out of a truck, now vanessa and dan are selling vintage clothes out of a mobile store?….awesome!  kaleah, who has a mobile store of her own, introduced me to this incredible idea.

yum – butternut squash risotto – for sure going on the meal plan for next week!

i’m not sure i’ve ever come across a more useful guide – thanks for passing this along georgie girl!

i have absolutely no need for these boots – but i love them big

next time we have a cold night, i’m making tomato soup and the perfect grilled cheese


okay, clearly we’re a bit heavy on the DROOL quotient this week, but doesn’t jess’ peach crisp sound too good to be true?!

thinking EBN really might just love a red wagon – and in this one, i can buckle her in!

alright friends, it’s time for me to change the laundry (it’s best to travel with clean clothes) and get back to work on EBN party planning – we’re just over a week away and mama has a ton to do.

have a great weekend






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