Dig, Dream, Dool

Dec 02

this installment has two weeks of lusting as i got distracted while in westport and didn’t quite make it to post.  luckily, i’m back now and i’ve got you covered:

my sewing skills are no where near as good as this MINI TUNIC would require, but a girl’s gotta have aspirations

this little VIDEO made me laugh out loud – at some point i have to capture EBN being soothed by KATY PERRY (to each her own!).  thanks MELISSA, for sharing this cuteness

we’re home all weekend (I KNOW!) and i hope to spend some serious time working on my un-finished office.  ERIN, over at SUNSHINE AND CAROUSELS provided the perfect INSPIRATION

speaking of office-updates, a WALL CALENDAR is an essential element DANIELLE found some AWESOME OPTIONS

okay, so after hours spent clicking and re-clicking, i still can’t get the actual site to show me any clothes that are currently on sale but…if PROJECT: BABY says it’s so – I’M A BELIEVER!

my 8th grade self (and okay, my current self too) is SO JEALOUS

what an adorable way to SERVE FOOD TO A LITTLE ONE - i’m headed to TARGET later and plan to throw an extra ice tray in my cart

my next NO-SEW PROJECT with the left over fabric from EBN’s birthday blowout!

well, doesn’t THIS look yummy

some great TIPS for checking out one of my favorite neighborhoods in my very favorite city – i can’t believe we’ve been here 3 years and there still so many places we have yet to explore!

and finally, we have ABN’s company holiday party tonight.  this means i will put on make-up, shave my legs and even wear heels (okay, that’s probably pushing it).  it’s not everyday that they let me out (hahahaha) so i want to take the opportunity to put myself together (and possibly even apply eyeliner!!).  here’s what i found on PINTEREST for inspiration (note: i’m shopping ONLY in my closet – although i may venture to the mall to find a new shirt/sweater for ABN):

Source: gallery.me.com via LBN on Pinterest

Source: shopbop.com via LBN on Pinterest

okay and if i were shopping – which i AM NOT, i’d go for something like this:

Source: katearends.com via LBN on Pinterest

or this:

Source: minibatch.com via LBN on Pinterest

wish me luck and i’ll report back!